Mindstab Go server package created to host Go AI contest. Listens for clienat (go bots) connections and spwans a net socket aware GTP server for each 2.

Additionally, after matches, a stats site is created and updated: example [mirror]

See the AI contest wiki archive for more information.

Starting with the GTP_connection class from GnuGo and extending it to use net sockets. Then creating a new game server that spawns off instances of the GTP server for matches when two clients connect.

Most usage instructions at: /ai-contest/wiki/Goserver

If setting up a stats website, place the website directory somewhere web visible, create an ‘sgf’ subdirectory, set up a MySQL database as outlined in ai_go.sql, and configure the DB options in website/index.php and gtpserver.py accordingly.

licenced under GPL3, orgional licence included

Copyright 2007 by Dan Ballard, Robert Hausch, and ai.mindstab.net