Looks like it was my 1 year “fedi-versary” last week. A year since I set up on Mastodon initially as a fallback from Twitter and pretty rapidly over the next few months it became my new social media home. I’ve since pretty much fully abandoned twitter.

It’s fine here. Definitely more chill. I think all in all there’s just less social media in my life in the last year and that’s probably OK. I haven’t quite managed to figure out reliably blogging more yet even tho I keep thinking I want to (ignoring today clearing out some WIPs). Mostly just working on good software (tor browser, cwtch) and doing things for me (games, media, reading, seeing folks IRL).

I do think there’s some potential for cooler social tools coming, maybe more folks getting interested in p2p stuff. We’ll see.

I’ve seen people bemoaning the loss of “older versions of the internet” and I dunno if I agree. They weren’t sustainable on multiple fronts and it’s not like IRC or phpbb have gone away, we could still set those up. But the awareness of privacy and identity and anonymity has changed. as have some of the threats. 20+ years ago it wasn’t so common to think about things crawling most of the public web and crunching processing power on that.

I think it’s important to keep building social networks of people yourself, more slowly and keep evaluating new tech as it comes along.

Some one was recently shocked I’m still a Slashdot reader and it exists at all still. It never went away, tho I don’t visit it, I just sub to a few categories in my RSS reader. Some “old” stuff is still around good too.

It’s a weird time in the internet’s growth and all I want to see is more distributed stuff. The VC backed centralized apocalypse of the last decade really seems to be getting pretty terminal. Maybe we can see some community grown distributed solutions slowly popup to supplant some of that.